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Octane was caught up in Jhiaxus’s invasion of Cybertron, though he commented that he was uninterested in fighting, even less so when it meant fighting to the death. He further bemoaned that the only reason he had gotten involved was because of Sandstorm, who turned out not to be his friend but a clone of the original. His complaints fell on deaf ears, as Acid Storm besides him joined the fray with glee. He was later rescued by Strika from a squad of Thundercracker drones during the battle, though he rescued her right back from one sneaking up on her. A Common Foe

Peter's youthful zeal may lose its appeal over time, but I hope the character stays in high school for as long as possible. There's so many experiences Peter has yet to deal with, such as going to prom (and maybe not leaving the girl, or assisting in having her parent arrested), continuing to disappoint friends or dealing with the complications of leading a double life as a high school student and a superhero. Homecoming only skimmed the surface of what's still possible with this character. We've seen other characters like Norman Osborn or Otto Octavius in these movies, but there are added stakes if they act as true mentors to Peter. Yes, Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin and Alfred Molina's Doc Ock acted in mentor-esque roles, but imagine the heartbreak of being a sixteen year-old kid with no father figure and having your mentor literally turn on you. With Peter as an actual kid, there's so much room to explore stories from different yet exciting avenues.

Being an expert of fearmongering, when possesses an individual, the form he took reflects that individual's fears. When Albrecht and Aidan were possessed, their forms were that of hulking brutes close to his natural form (though for some reason, he lacked a tail when taking Albrecht as his host). When Leah was possessed, the form was more feminine, as per her own fears, combining with Diablo's new form as the Prime Evil than merely the Lord of Terror as in this form, he had his brother Mephisto's additional pair of arms' and crest-like horns, his back spikes taking different appearance, and slimmer physique of Andariel's It seems that in his Prime Evil form, Diablo combines the iconic traits of all other Evils.

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Sadly, the writing is mostly passable stuff. At its worst, dialogue can be nonsensical, with flat voice acting and bad lip-syncing adding insult to injury. Truth is, there’s a lot of dialogue in ELEX , and the bulk of it is less The Witcher 3 and more, well, Risen 3 . That said, there is a faint air of B-movie charm to the majority of proceedings, but your mileage may vary. If discussions between characters get a little too long in the tooth, there’s always the option to quickly gloss over them and focus on following the quest’s objective markers post-conversation.

Unfortunately, you can't see it today, because the Hofheinz manor was torn down a few years after the judge's death in 1982. Not that you'd want to live in that adult Willy Wonka apartment, as the Astrodome now is a walking health violation.

What does this have to do with the hunt for Nexus fragments? Well, nothing — but next time we’ll join Team Black Bolt as they invade the Kree Empire’s capital and rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Inhumans don’t usually trust outsiders, but it’s about time these heroes helped defeat Kang the Conqueror’s mad machinations, isn’t it? Learn how to complete the first step of their journey with the complete walkthrough for “Inhuman Nature.”

Some 250 Australian, Scottish, and Italian stonemasons and their families relocated to a temporary settlement at Moruya, NSW , 300 km (186 mi) south of Sydney, where they quarried around 18,000 m 3 (635,664 cu ft) of granite for the bridge pylons. [13] The stonemasons cut, dressed, and numbered the blocks, which were then transported to Sydney on three ships built specifically for this purpose. The Moruya quarry was managed by John Gilmore, a Scottish stonemason who emigrated, with his young family to Australia in 1924, at the request of the project managers. [13] [22] [23] The concrete used was also Australian-made and supplied from Devonport, Tasmania and shipped to Sydney on a ship named Goliath. Source: http:///story/4438229/first-port-of-call-exhibition-gallery/#slide=5

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