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These were CDs recorded directly from the soundboard at the live shows and sold to concert attendees who wished to purchase them. They were also sold online for a short time.

Despite Vader's cruel treatment, some of the worst horrors Starkiller endured were actually self-inflicted. On one occasion, Starkiller had PROXY chain him immobile in the dark and deprive him of nourishment until he had successfully assembled a lightsaber through telekinesis. While the exercise had been a failure, Starkiller felt it had strengthened him. In meditation, Starkiller took to staring at his ignited lightsaber blade, using the red coloration to make himself think of anger and carnage in order to draw on the dark side of the Force. However, Starkiller remained endlessly frustrated by his inability to experience visions of the future, and as such, any break from usual routine would surprise him. [3]

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Starship Knee Deep In The HooplaStarship Knee Deep In The HooplaStarship Knee Deep In The HooplaStarship Knee Deep In The Hoopla