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These are some of the great guitar players that have been reported as users of Soldano guitar amplifiers and other guitar gear.  We constantly update this list, if you have information that would make this list more accurate, please let us know at [email protected]  Artists are noted with the bands with whom they have been associated.

101 south 10 cc 1st avenue 21 guns 220 volt 30 seconds to mars 38 special 3 doors down 3 inches of blood 4 non blondes _____ a. a day to remember

gallery heavy metal knockout festival powerwolf hammerfall doro sinner

Led Zepplin
Linda Ronstadt
Little Feat
Little River Band
Loggins & Messina
Lou Reed
Lynyrd Skynryd

A solid bass sound patch TO BE PLAYED BY AN ACTUAL BASS, not a bass simulation that is being played by a guitar. So in essence a B3 bass patch turning the G3 into a B3

To use the patches in this library you need to download the RealMajor PC editor from here . Then use the import function to use the downloaded patches.

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Scorpions Loverdrive LovedriveScorpions Loverdrive LovedriveScorpions Loverdrive LovedriveScorpions Loverdrive Lovedrive