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Stewart appears in the video, escorted by a variety of different women played by a variety of guest stars including Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston of Bucks Fizz , Kiki Dee , Hazel O'Connor , Kate Garner of Haysi Fantayzee and all four members of Bananarama (including Stewart's future wife, Siobhan Fahey and future group member Jacquie O'Sullivan who would replace Fahey in Bananarama in 1988). The gender-bending pop star Marilyn also makes an appearance in the video as another of Stewart's escorts. Despite the small role, Marilyn's appearance proved a high-profile move which helped lead to his own music career later the same year.

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Thankfully, they resisted that suggestion and set about "experimenting in the eaves of a picture-framing factory", with Stewart working through the night as he wrestled with temperamental 80s technology.

The complete mix didn't fit on one real, and had to be transported in 2 sections.
The last 5 minutes of tape 1 were identical to the first 5 minutes of tape 2, and
whilst broadcasting I had to sync up the machines at the NOB (NOS at the time)
to make a very fast (and unnoticeable) live crossfade from tape 1 to tape 2.
Later these tapes were transferred to Digital, solving the live crossfade problem.
The robot voices were created using a vocoder , and this grandmix was made in
the first Studio located in what used to be a bedroom. Also have a look at the other
studios , and the equipment setup for the grandmix 92

Directors Cut
The Grandmix 84 as broadcasted 27 febr 1999 is transferred from Sony F1 to the
Akai DD1000 . The mix was then leveled to 0 dB and minor imperfections were
corrected (example the edit in Duran Duran's Wild Boys has the "w" of "wild"repaired.)
Also some slight timing imperfections have been smoothed out(edit sequence at the end
of Chacka Kahn's Ain't nobody). An intro was added to identify the mix as being the
Grandmix 84, which fades into the original intro of the mix (the purists can remove it,
and restore it to the original version by fading in after the vocoder ). The mix was then
recorded on to DAT.

Eurythmics Would I Lie To YouEurythmics Would I Lie To YouEurythmics Would I Lie To YouEurythmics Would I Lie To You