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I am concerned because recently, my toes have been turning red/purple whenever I walk for even a very short distance. The redish/purplish color is not limited to my toes and extends somewhat to the rest of my foot, but is most extreme on my toes. It is noticeable enough that people stare at my feet and a few people (strangers) have stopped me to comment on it. It is worsened by walking long distances and heat, but happens even if I walk for a block or two in cold weather. The symptoms have been happening for almost 2 months now.

For the last two months, I have also experienced swelling of my feet and ankles. Again, it happens regardless of what I do (even when sitting), but seems to be worsened by walking, heat, and alcohol and caffeine intake. I went to the doctor about my feet and ankle swelling, because I recently (about 3-4 months ago) began taking hormonal contraception and was concerned about some of the more serious side effects of that, such as blood clots in the leg. This was ruled out by a blood test, however (at least as of three weeks ago). When I was at the doctor, I did not mention the redness of my toes, however.

The doctor didn't perform any tests regarding my heart or circulation, because he told me I was too young to be concerned about it (I am 23). However, the only possible explanation I can find on the Internet for the purple/red color of my toes seems to be poor circulation/hardening of the arteries. I know this would be extremely rare for someone my age, but can't find any other possible explanations. Does anyone know what might be causing my red toes?

Thank you so much!

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Oxalate and EDTA are anticoagulants which will prevents the blood from clotting, sodium fluoride is a stabilizer. The resulting supernatant fluid is PLASMA. Sodium fluoride is an anti-glycolytic only, resulting fluid is SERUM.

The Times Red With Purple FlashesThe Times Red With Purple FlashesThe Times Red With Purple FlashesThe Times Red With Purple Flashes