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Fanon applies the term lumpenproletariat to the colonial subjects who are not involved in industrial production, especially the peasantry , because, unlike the urban proletariat (the working class), the lumpenproletariat have sufficient intellectual independence from the dominant ideology of the colonial ruling class, readily to grasp that they can revolt against the colonial status quo and so decolonize their nation. One of the essays included in The Wretched of the Earth is "On National Culture", in which Fanon highlights the necessity for each generation to discover its mission and to fight for it.

Some people claim that lemon is a cure for cancer and others say there is no proof. It is unreasonable to claim lemon as a standalone cure but that said, it would be even more unreasonable to not employ something has healthy as lemon when fighting cancer. Even more of the same can be said about sodium and potassium bicarbonate because there is plenty of evidence to suggest it is a prime cancer fighter that no patient should ignore .

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