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The best flute stands have a very low center of gravity, great stability and a peg system designed to prevent deformation or abrasion to your flute.

The standards, meanwhile, keep pouring out -- songs like I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That), Paradise by the Dashboard Light, You Took the Words Right out of my Mouth and It's All Coming Back to me Now, and they're punchily rendered by a hard-working cast led by Andrew Polec as Strat, Christina Bennington as Raven and Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton as Raven's parents.

Check your pet regularly. See that wounds are dressed in time. In the earlier stages, the eggs look like small white streaks in an open wound and these can be removed using a swab dipped in antiseptic.

" Beyonce : Let me just have the...
Waitress: How about I have them make everything on the menu and you can make a choice after seeing them!"

Philadelphia: Home to a rich musical history, a unique musical identity, and one of the nation's most thriving musical communities. In a scene filled with so many local bands worth listening to, there will always be new music to discover—and The Key is your source for finding it. Brought to you by WXPN—the non-commercial public radio station that World Cafe , XPN2 , and XPoNential Music Festival call home—The Key covers all local music in Greater Philly and beyond. GET IN TOUCH

Throughout the show she pumps her fists, fizzes and spins, all the time with a grin on her face. She's having fun, plucking the best songs from her two albums and building a show of light and shade.

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine uses powerful magnetic fields to generate its images so there is no exposure to ionizing radiation (such as X-rays). We used MRI equipment in our chemistry labs at school, way back in the days when the technology was still called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI). Apparently the marketing folks didn’t like the term “nuclear” because of its association with atomic bombs, so now it’s just called MRI.

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