Buddy ace what can i do - Mr. Heater® Big Buddy Indoor Heater (F274800) - ACE Hardware

Thanks Victor sS Mkwachari! I think you are right. What you said really makes sense to me… Thanks! Hope this works 🙂

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1850, American English, possibly an alteration of brother , or from British colloquial butty "companion" (1802), itself perhaps a variant of booty in booty fellow "confederate who shares plunder" (1520s). But butty , meaning "work-mate," also was a localized dialect word in England and Wales, attested since 18c., and long associated with coal miners. Short form bud is attested from 1851. Reduplicated form buddy-buddy (adj.) attested by 1952, American English. Lenny Kent, a long-time fave here, is really in his element... After four weeks here he's got everone in town saying, "Hiya, Buddy, Buddy" with a drawl simulating his. [Review of Ned Schuyler's 5 O'Clock Club, Miami Beach, Fla., "Billboard," Nov. 12, 1949] Buddy system attested from 1920.

I’d love to ponder this season some more, but my 3 year is starting nursery school tomorrow, and it’s gonna be a big day for all of us.

Buddy Ace What Can I DoBuddy Ace What Can I DoBuddy Ace What Can I DoBuddy Ace What Can I Do