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Courtesy of those fits, Paire created a some real chances for himself. The Frenchman quickly shot up 4-2 in the first set before getting broken back and imploding in the eventual tiebreak. Murray, whose first serve, never huge, looked especially mild today—he averaged just 111 mph on those deliveries—faced 11 break points, and Paire converted on just three of those. On a crucial break opportunity at 4-5 in the second, Paire chose to stop play and challenge a deep ball that had landed squarely on the line, clear enough to see on TV. Later on in the third set, when the match looked well out of reach, he would (sincerely) thank the umpire for not allowing him to challenge a different call, as if to make explicit what everyone watching knew well: Paire’s significant talent is hostage to a mind so tempted by bad decisions, it’s a relief when someone saves him from himself.

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Gang-Bang Girls: Maisie Williams by RandyPan Story Codes: FM+, oral, anal, mas, con Celebs: Maisie Williams This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, if you like this story, email me at [email protected] Note: This is a … Continue reading →

Beautiful women prisoners are abused in a Philippine prison, until 5 of them plot an escape by taking the evil female warden hostage with the reluctant help of 2 male fruit vendors.

Rocky won the Academy Award for Best Picture . Rocky was also the highest-grossing American film released during 1976.

Martin Mandingo Williams Afrikan HistoryMartin Mandingo Williams Afrikan History