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About 2 million years ago, Grenada was formed as an underwater volcano. Before the arrival of Europeans, Grenada was inhabited by Arawaks and, subsequently, Island Caribs . Christopher Columbus sighted Grenada in 1498 during his third voyage to the new world.

Word of Mouth was the last album they would record for Arista Records. In early 1986, the band signed with MCA Records in the ., London in the . Think Visual , their first album for their new label, was released in late 1986. It was a mild success but there were no hit singles from the record. The following year, the Kinks released another live album, appropriately titled The Road , which spent a brief time on the charts. Two years later, the Kinks released their last studio record for MCA, UK Jive . During 1989, keyboardist Ian Gibbons left the band. The Kinks were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, but the induction did not help revive their career. In 1991, a compilation of their MCA records, Lost & Found (1986-1989) , appeared, signalling that their contract with the label had expired. Later in the year, the band signed with Columbia Records and released an EP called Did Ya , which didn't chart. The Kinks' first album for Columbia, Phobia , arrived in 1993 to fair reviews but poor sales. By this time, only Ray and Dave Davies remained from the original lineup. In 1994, the band was dropped from Columbia Records, leaving the group to release the live To the Bone on an independent label in the .; the band was left without a record label in the .

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The band was proud to accept an invitation from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  “Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen”  exhibition at the  Constitutional Center  in Philadelphia. They were featured during the opening, middle and closing nights—a real honor for any tribute band.

Invasion Reggae InvasionInvasion Reggae InvasionInvasion Reggae InvasionInvasion Reggae Invasion