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I used latisse for about 2 weeks and noticed that my short straight stumpy lashes did seem longer. I had to stop use because one morning I woke up with a stye on my lower lid. Went to the opthamologist. He was not thrilled to say the least that I was using this product. He stated he was dissappointed that the FDA approved this for lash growth. A week after my eye healed (dont know if related to latisse use) I started to use it again. Got strange results this time. Left eye lashes long and even. Right eye all different crazy lengths. Looks like a mismatch with my left eye!! Just ran out of the stuff. Dont think I’ll spend the big bucks on it again!

Leonardo da Vinci, "Study for the Head of a Girl"   Silverpoint with white highlights on prepared paper, 181 x 159 mm (Biblioteca Reale, Torino)

" However, with the introduction of the steering wheel in 1898, a central location was no longer technically possible. Car makers usually copied existing practice and placed the driver on the curbside. Thus, most American cars produced before 1910 were made with right-side driver seating, although intended for right-side driving. Such vehicles remained in common use until 1915, and the 1908 Model T was the first of Ford's cars to feature a left-side driving position. "

Left Side Welcome To My HouseLeft Side Welcome To My HouseLeft Side Welcome To My HouseLeft Side Welcome To My House