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Independent schools as a rule are more confident about the values they proselytize. Many independent schools have long heritages and strong traditions that serve as breakwaters against the currents of trendy mores and fashionable but suspect lifestyle ripples. A simple illustration involves the matter of church and state. In public schools, of course, the state forbids the recitation of the Lord's Prayer or even the mandatory participation in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. No one would argue that a half-hearted rendition of the Lord's Prayer or a disinterested recitation of the Pledge to the flag in a private school classroom would inculcate the values of spirituality and patriotism in a child. On the other hand, it is quite possible that parents send their children to private school, among other reasons, because parents wish to involve their children with institutions that do actively engage in such social rituals that traditionally have complemented the training and the values established in the home. Similarly, because private schools are distinct from the state whereas public schools are agents of the state, private schools may generally incorporate into their curriculum or omit from their curriculum any learning experience, secular or non-secular, or any subject that the institution sees fit to include or exclude. Thus, just as a person patronizes a church, a service organization, or a club because he or she believes in the values that the particular institution has manifested over the years, so too a private school patron supports the school with some confidence that the values he or she believes in will be supported, for if they are not, the patron may simply remove support.

A Puerto Rican television network awards a young native actress her own show, documenting her quick rise to success in NYC. Her only problem: She's white.

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