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Parrot Records was a 1960s-1970s subsidiary of London Records, not to be confused with the Chicago-based R&B label of the same name from the 1950s. This label was started in 1964 and ran strong through 1975. London used Parrot sparingly after 1975, with many of the last ten numbers going unissued until one additional album was released in 1979.

The most successful artists on the label were Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, and Savoy Brown, with these three artists accounting for almost 60% of the 69 albums issued. Other album artists included Them (with Van Morrison), the Zombies, early Jennifer Warnes (billed as "Jennifer"), Lulu, Jonathan King, Los Bravos, Bobby Pickett, Frijid Pink, Love Sculpture (featuring Dave Edmunds), the Alan Price Set, Joe Tex, Andrew Loog Oldham, Larry Applewhite, and Canadian artists Chilliwack and Ginette Reno.

Artists with singles only on Parrot included the Chicago-based rock band Ides of March ("You Wouldn't Listen"), the Pickwicks, Elaine & Derek, Billy Fury, the Gonks, Elkie Brooks, the Mojos, Cops N' Robbers, Jimmy Nichol, Mia Lewis, Kathy Kirby ("The Way Of Love"), Luke, the Hedgehoppers Anonymous ("It's Good News Week"), St. Louis Union, Dave Berry, the Bats, Truly Smith, Accent, the New Faces, the Flirtations ("Nothing But A Heartache"), Tony Newman, Fearns Foundry, West Point, Eugene Conley, the Startojacs, Clarence Henry, the Minnesota-based novelty band the Novas ("The Crusher"), Jorgen Ingmann, the Riverboat Ramblers, the Newports, the Legends, the Twilights, Duo Acropolis, James Bryant, Selena Jones, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Patsy Fuller, Genesis, the New Inspiration, the Dream Police, Les Humphries, Primitive Man, Flip Cartridge (Daer Mrs. Applebee"), the Unknowns ("Melody For An Unknown Girl"), the Satellites, Yesterday's Children, Drake, the Luv Bandits, Minute Man, Heironymous & Dharma, Down 5, Ginger & Jean, Five Moore, Oliver's Heavenly Nest, the Daily News, the Maddening Crowd, . Atlantic, Sammy Hall, the Bards, Gross National Product, Peace Pipe, Terry Jacks, Alfie Kahn, Springwell, and Irish Coffee.

With the exception of the Joe Tex album and the albums where individual tracks are designated true stereo (S), or rechanneled stereo (E), the albums are believed to be all true stereo.

Parrot used the same labels throughout its lifetime. The label was black with silver print, with a yellow and green parrot at the left and the label name in yellow at the top. Some labels, particularly early labels, had the stereo designation at the bottom (far left), while later labels put the stereo designations to the right of the center hole (near left). Mono records did not have any mono designation on the label, they just omitted the stereo designation. Promotional labels were the same.

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Flares Foot Stompin HitsFlares Foot Stompin HitsFlares Foot Stompin Hits