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This is a surprisingly emotional topic, with strong opinions on both sites of the “grey hair debate.” If you decide to grow out your grey hair, you may get pushback from some women in your life. We recently posed a question to our community on the Sixty and Me Facebook page: “Are you ready to stop dyeing your hair?” Nearly half of the women who responded were very firm in saying, “I am never going to go grey.” The other half were passionately supportive of grey hair.

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So what are we to think about the recent bombshell allegations against Alabama . Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore? The judge—known as the Ten Commandments judge, for his defiance of the federal courts when he was a sitting Alabama jurist and ordered (wrongly, it could be argued) to remove representations of the Decalogue from his courtroom—has been accused by three women of engaging in inappropriate sexual contact. One of those women reportedly was only 14 (the age of consent in Alabama was 16 at the time), when Moore was 32, almost four decades ago. Moore flatly and vehemently denies the allegations, published in the Washington Post , a liberal newspaper that endorsed his Democratic opponent.