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"I experienced such a glorious revelation. This was thanks in large part to the superlative musicianship of conductor, Nathalie Stutzmann"

The video above features Nathalie Emmanuel’s nude sex scene from last night’s episode of “Game of Thrones”.

HBO must hire certified retards to film their TV shows, for the original lighting in this sex scene was absolutely horrendous. Thankfully us talented Muslims corrected the error and brightened the scene for this video so that it can be fully appreciated in all of its depraved glory.

It is certainly filmmaking 101 that when there is a dirt skin whore like Nathalie Emmanuel in a nude scene you need extra lighting on set or her Sub-Saharan skin will fade into the shadows. It is also a good idea to have a hose on hand, for when a primitive she-boon like Nathalie is in heat the director yelling “cut” won’t even slow her down and she is liable to hump half the key grips and the sound engineer before her trainer can procure enough bananas to lure her back into her cage.

“Nathalie’s paintings–like her stories–are filled with vivid images, more colour than life itself and a touch of whimsy to delight us all. With her subtle encouragement and abundant enthusiasm, Nathalie inspires beginning artists and writers to create, and more importantly, to believe in what they create.”

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