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The second crucial aspect to greater enlightenment within, is meditation. Meditation will help to clear out unnecessary and low vibrational thought cycles which makes us more receptive to our guides and the spiritual realms. This is the perfect state to receive guidance and clarity from our higher Self. There are a few widely used methods to receiving answers in meditation, which is to set your intention in advance. Let your guide, or higher self, whomever or whatever it is you are most comfortable addressing, and let them know your intent for the meditation; what you want to achieve.

In Greccio, Italy (1223), St. Francis of Assisi welcomed his Franciscan Brothers and other villagers to a cave for a Mass where bread was blessed, broken, and shared amid a celebration recalling Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem – a word that means ‘house of bread.’ Historians state that some who were present saw the Christ Child asleep in a crib. From this event comes the tradition of a Nativity set displayed in churches and homes.

Bethlehem, house of bread, is symbolic: as animals come to a manger for food, Mary lays Jesus, our food to satisfy our spiritual hunger, in the manger. Bread is one of life’s most common things and God wanted His Son available to everyone. Jesus' birth was announced to shepherds, the common men, but not to King Herod and Jesus' cradle was a manger, an animal’s feeding trough in a stable.

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst." (John 6:35)

Many specific denominations and faith groups are difficult to categorize. For example, a religion might teach the belief in a single God, and a large number of minor deities, heroes, or saints who have some powers normally restricted to deities. It might be considered a monotheistic religion in theory or a polytheistic/henotheistic religion in practice.

Churches that abuse often focus on the penalty for sin. They communicate the Lord as a cosmic dictator or harsh taskmaster, eagerly waiting for you to make a mistake so that he can “chasten” you. A friend once told me that God was her “cosmic kill-joy”. Abusive churches are often performance oriented, with an “us verses them” or elitist mentality. Questioning is often discouraged, forbidden, or branded as a sign of rebellion or lack of spirituality. Those who do not follow the rules may be labeled, shunned, shamed, or removed from church positions or even excommunicated.

Spiritual Concept Spiritual ConceptSpiritual Concept Spiritual ConceptSpiritual Concept Spiritual ConceptSpiritual Concept Spiritual Concept