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Leonard Cohen ’s thinking, writing and music are a thing of beauty and despair. For decades, the novelist, poet and singer/songwriter tenaciously supplied the world ...

The only obvious place to gather and remember Leonard Cohen after his death was announced was New York City's Hotel Chelsea . The historic 23rd Street building, home to an array of luminaries over the years, is the subject of Cohen's timeless song "Chelsea Hotel No. 2," about a tryst he had with singer Janis Joplin. The track appeared on Cohen's 1974 album,  New Skin for the Old Ceremony , and soon became a fan favorite. Amid the flowers, candles and a bottle of red wine recently left outside the hotel, which was already adorned with a plaque for Cohen , were lyrics from the song: "I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel/You were famous, your heart was a legend/You told me again you preferred handsome men/But for me you would make an exception.” During his time living at the hotel, Cohen would later say that he “was an expert on the buttons of that elevator." When he met Joplin, "she was riding it with as much delight as I was."  —Lucy Westcott

In this beautiful tribute to McCrae, Cohen recites the stirring poem for this exclusive Legion Magazine video. His voice is accompanied by haunting imagery from the First World War.

“Samson in New Orleans,” for example, channels the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as a spiritual tragedy with its gospel lilt, used to juxtapose the gorgeousness of heavenly arrangements against his cigarette-stained rasp. On “Did I Ever Love You” Cohen sings with all his gusto, leaving all his vocal chord cracks high in the mix as he sings about blossoming lemon trees and withering almond trees.

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Leonard Cohen New Skin For The Old CeremonyLeonard Cohen New Skin For The Old CeremonyLeonard Cohen New Skin For The Old CeremonyLeonard Cohen New Skin For The Old Ceremony